Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Let’s face it, I took up running to look better. That’s what all runners do, really. "Being in shape" is a euphemism for "Dayum, I look goooooood". Being healthy as a result is a bonus.

I think I do look better, actually. My body has changed somewhat over this past year. I’ve shrunk in inches but my basic shape is still there. Unfortunately? Fortunately? My cursed knees are still fat (Moth of Optimism: beloved knees). But I’m toning for sure. .. from the bottom up and the top down. I’m seeing definition and musculature but it only seems to have made it up to my mid-thighs and from my shoulders down to my belly button. I’m trying to figure out what shape this makes me. I’m not an apple, or a pear, or an hourglass. I keep picturing in my head those yoyo-type toys where there are strings on either side that you pull to make the round yoyo thingy in the middle spin around really fast. Or a Tinker Toy.

My calves pack a punch but looking down on them they appear to be gigantic. Maybe a bit shapelier but that could be the huge, cramping knots in the muscles. They don’t fit into my zip-up boots anymore, though. I have mini-muffin tops!

Side note: have I told you about IMS needling? My physio does it to my calves. Puts acupuncture needles straight into the muscle knots to the base of the needles (we’re talking a couple of inches) and keeps moving it up and down, poking around the muscle to release the knot. This is an interesting kind of pain. It’s like it’s buried, muted some how. Kind of bubbles up to the surface. Last week she hit a capillary or something and I felt it in my toes. I think she’s in cahoots with my chiropractor. Some kind of fiendish, Sweeney Todd-like plan. (Moth of Optimism: they are saintly people with only my success in mind!)

I still have the squidgy bits at the tops of my legs but I learned a great thing: these bits are likely not fat but built up scar tissue on my hip flexors! Not good for running but good for my self-esteem. I’m hoping this applies to other parts of my body, like the bit right below my belly button, or the backs of my upper arms. In fact, I’m hoping that I am just a mass of scar tissue and not fat...wait...that would mean to get rid of it I’d need hourly ART and Graston therapy with a tool the size of a boat oar.

And then there’s my butt. I’ve been really hoping to see a big change there. It’s smaller, I think. But it’s retained its shape: pseudo-cube. My friend calls it Spongebob Squarebutt. I call it Office Butt; comes from sitting most of the day. I thought with all the leg lifts it would round it out somehow but no such luck. It does look okay in my new running skort, though. Skort!

Other good news: Yesterday I think I actually saw my obliques.

News to balance it out: I think the fat deposits that were there have moved around to my back.

Good news: Now that I’m starting to get some colour on my legs (albeit spotty) the cellulite is far less noticeable.

Balancing news: I think I have a varicose vein on my right shin. This may not actually be running related.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some marathon links

Food! Wine! 8500 people! Mayhem!

All coming up in a little over 2 months!!!!!!

Note: I will NOT be running in a coconut bra!!!