Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I'm two days late on my blog. I haven't run since Friday. Tonight doesn't look good for a run either. I'm such a slacker.

Or I may have overdone it last week. Last week, I imagine, was how a typical training week should look.; Long run on the Sunday, training run on the Tuesday, yoga class on the Thursday, hill training on the Friday, another yoga class on the Saturday. I got my cross-training in, I ran by myself, it was all good (well, except my diet, but that was last week's blog).

And then this Sunday I crashed. Felt really tired and headachy, bit of a scratchy throat. There are murmurs of something going around - or maybe it was having to sit through two hours of the "Fame" remake that day - but I fear my body might just be saying, "Whoa, hold up! This ain't you." And it's kind of right. I've never done that much exercise in one week in my entire life.

I'm a big believer that if you aren't feeling well, then LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. It's telling you to slow down and take a step back. I usually listen (especially if I have a lot of things to do at work) but I need to keep moving forward to stick with this running thing. I can't lose momentum! People tell me not to push myself too hard with my training but I thought that just meant not to run fast. I'm SUPPOSED to be actively training, sticking to the schedule. I'm SUPPOSED to be cross-training. If doing what I'm supposed to results in getting sick, then I'm hooped.

Or maybe I'm just mimicking the economy, tapping into the collective consciousness. Last week I was definitely in a boom, I was a raging bull, but this week I'm most certainly in a bust and wanting to go into hibernation a la bear. I've entered a recession, I don't know how long it's going to last, and I can't see any stimulus packages in the near future. Anyone wanna bail me out?

# of km = 20
# of hills = 5
# of pieces of leftover cake = 2
# of bowls of buttercream in the fridge = 1
# of naps = 2

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  1. Hi Robyn,
    A part of me wants to tell you not to be too hard on yourself and allow some recession in the process of building a stronger body. The other part of me wants to tell you to tap into your mental strength and push through it. So, I said both.
    In any event, you're not a slacker, not by a long shot.
    Have a great week,